Wild child mirrors – tougher than your ordinary wild child.

wild child Mirrors in a cell

  • Mirrors that won’t break and create dangerous shards
  • A bright reflection that won’t dull with time
  • Mirrors that can’t be unscrewed
  • Mirrors that have no sharp edges
  • Mirrors that can’t be re-purposed
  • Mirrors with a UV stable hygienic backing


*Please download our installation guide here – Wild Child Mirror Installation Guide

After we got this note from John Plunkett we thought the least we could do was oblige

You should promote this product to correctional facilities and hospitalsQuote icon

John needed a super tough and seriously well mounted mirror to use in a hostel for young women with some emotional and behavioural issues. After beating a sample with a hammer he was so impressed with its strength and its secret fastening system he ordered right away.

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