Wall Fixed Mirrors

​We have a variety of wall fixed mirrors to suit the needs of your studio or performance space.

For a semi-permanent fixing our framing system allows us to install the mirror without glues and with hard fixings only onto the perimeter frame. This may be powder-coated to suit your studio or the standard anodised finish.

We have developed three systems with particular emphasis on safety and transportability:

Impactamirrror – Wall Fixed Glass Mirror

The ImpactaMirror™ was developed as a response to increased demand for exceptional visual qualities glass offers and safety standards of our impact system.

The ImpactaMirror™ system is designed with a high impact cushion backing, which minimises the need or preparing the background wall to receive mirror surfaces.

The system is designed so that should you move premises, your mirror investment can move with you.

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Studio Wall-Fixed Mirror

For more information download Product Specifications for ImpactaMirror™

Mylar Glassless Mirrors

Glassless Mylar Mirrors by Mirrorlite™ mirrors expand reflection beyond the practical limitations of conventional glass mirrors and is in fact better and brighter than glass. The unique construction process provides optical clarity, ghostless images, non-fogging and distortion-free color previously found only in more expensive front surface glass mirrors. Lightweight and portable, they require no complex mounting system and can be mounted as a rollaway rehearsal mirror.

Whats more, due to the ease of installation it ends up only fractionally dearer than glass and you can take it with you should you decide to move!

Mylar mirrors are the safest mirror available and exceed the current standards.

For more information download Product Specifications for Mylar Glassless Mirror or view it on STM Studio Supplies Website.

Glassless demo mirror above swimming pool
mirrorlite glassless mirror
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Mirror Wall Brackets

In response to the common requirement to have barres on a mirror wall, STM Studio Supplies have developed a system which does this in an elegant and robust manner.

Our MWB – Mirror Wall Bracket System which allows you to have a dance barre mounted through the mirror.

  • Available in Dance and Pilates formats

  • Avoids unsightly penetrations into mirror glass

  • Avoids weakening the mirror glass

  • Neat attractive finish with no conflict between mirror planes

  • Offset: 275mm to centre of barre

  • Left and Right orientation available

  • Standard black colour

  • Can be powdercoated to suit your studio colour scheme

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Rutherford MWB mirror barre bracket