Swim mirrors are a great teaching aid for stroke correction, body awareness and technique. Our Bottom of the Harbour swim mirrors are a convenient tool for swimmers and coaches alike!

Dancers, actors, & gymnasts use mirrors to correct posture, alignment and to enhance . For land based disciplines, it is a simple matter of placing a mirror in a studio and performing exercises using the mirror as a visual cue for mind/body attunement.

Bottom of the Harbour Mirror

For swimmers this has not been a readily available option. Issues with the level of reflection, safety and difficulties in installation have made the addition of mirrors in pools prohibitively expensive. The recent development of materials that could withstand immersion in a pool now means that this valuable tool can be made available to swimmers and their coaches.

We have, as of last year, replaced the acrylic mirrors with an even better product – polished aluminium composite mirrors. These mirrors suit many environments and are especially suited for in-pool use, already used internationally.  They are completely shatterproof thus reducing the potential for injury and exposure to liability claims.

See how they can be used here!



  • Polished aluminium composite mirror
  • Strap handle for ease of use
  • Fully submersible
  • Impact Resistant
  • Avalon  800mm x 1200mm
  • Bondi  600mm x 1240mm
Bottom of the Harbour Mirror