Rollaway Mirrors

We have a choice of glass or glassless rollaway mirrors in a range of sizes, from the 1500 x 600mm Cheval Mirror to our standard 2400 x 1200mm Mirror panel size or even a huge 1800 x 1800mm, designed to just pass through doorways.

If you are looking for mirrors for your dance studio please view here!

Our glass mirrors conform with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1170 and AS1288-2006 as required for compliance with the BCA.

Our glassless mirrors are available in acrylic mirror or the fantastic, lightweight Mylar mirror, developed by NASA and used in the Hubble telescope.

Our freestanding mirrors feature:

  • Generous mirror area
  • Foldaway locking legs for ease of transport and storage
  • Lightweight powdercoated steel construction
  • Impact and UV stable rear backing
  • Vinyl backed mirror (glass) so even in the worst case the mirror will not fall out and cut.
  • Lockable industrial castors for ease of movement
  • Guaranteed against manufacturer defects

Cheval Mirror

Dance glass rollaway mirrors

5 STM Dance Glass Rollaways in a line