Mylar Mirrors

Mylar mirrors are glassless mirrors which are a polyester film that is stretched over a raised aluminium frame with a lightweight polyurethane backing providing an exceptional image.

Mirrorlite® Mylar Glassless Mirrors are a technological breakthrough. They offer unparalleled safety and ease of installation. Because they are not made with glass they offer several benefits over traditional glass mirrors, such as being super lightweight, completely shatterproof and have the ability to be installed just about anywhere.

Mirrorlite® mirrors expand reflection beyond the practical limitations of conventional glass mirrors. 

  • Provides optical clarity.
  • 85% Lighter than traditional glass
  • 20% better reflective quality than traditional glass giving Ghostless images.
  • Distortion-free color previously found only in more expensive front surface glass mirrors.

Lightweight and portable, they require no complex mounting system and can be framed as a rollaway rehearsal mirror or demonstration mirror for teaching in schools, gyms & training centres.

Mylar Mirror with dancers

Will Glassless Mirrors work for me?

Mirrorlite® mirrors are a perfect replacement for heavy, traditional glass mirrors in environments such as dance studios, gyms, physical therapy centres, schools, theatres, building lobbies, or anywhere else that you would need a high quality, lightweight reflective surface.

As the mirror film has so little mass and the air space behind the film is ventilated through the core, a Mirrorlite® Mirror is virtually free from condensation and fog in areas such as a bathroom, swimming pools and ideal for hot yoga studios.

Unfortunately Mylar Mirrors are not ideal where objects may be flying around. As it is a very thin film it is easily penetrated and will create a hole.

“Mylar mirrors are the safest mirrors available. The Mylar is made of a thin, super reflective film, stretched over a sturdy aluminium frame.”


A Mirrorlite® Glassless Mirror may be applied to any flat surface with little or no preparation. Because of its lightweight, wall inserts and supports are eliminated. The mirror can be mounted directly to finished plaster, wood panelling and interior partitioning.

STM Studio Supplies also offer a range of mounting options:

We also have a range of fixed angle and adjustable rollaway mirrors for hire.

Mylar Demo Mirror
Glassless demo mirror above swimming pool


How do I clean glassless mirrors?

If your glassless mirror has accumulated excessive dust and debris, before attempting to clean the mirror, A “Swiffer”, feather duster or synthetic equivalent can

work well for this. They remove larger debris before wiping, thus reducing the chance of scratching. Or use a can of compressed air (which can be found in most photographic and electronics stores) to blow away all dust and debris.

What happens if I get wrinkles on my mylar mirror?

With the right tools, those mirrors will be back to normal in no time. Here is a video to help you out!

What you need:

  • Heat Gun 

Is there a way to patch holes?

Although it wont hold the same reflection quality in some instances a bit of our mylar magic tape can do the trick!

Mylar Repair Tape
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