There is a mounting body of evidence that the installation of a mirror in the stall, or float can have a very positive effect on a horse or pony’s performance and well being, this is why we’ve introduced companion mirrors! Also known as horse mirrors, stable mirrors, or stall mirrors these mirrors may help to alleviate issues and general stress. Naturally a herd animal, horses confined to a stable and isolated from others will suffer stress and boredom. This can lead to abnormal behaviour such as a box walking, weaving, crib biting, wood chewing and the development of stable vices, or stereotypical behaviour as it is also known – Normal and Abnormal Behavior of Stabled Horses. Putting a mirror where the horse or pony can easily see itself effectively creates a “companion” and makes the horse feel as if it has company, alleviating much of the stress and boredom which is the cause of such conditions. Download –
“A discussion of stereotpyic behaviour in horses, its management, and welfare implications”
They also improve the light in a stall, and generally give a greater impression of space while providing some much needed mental stimulation for the horse. Glass mirrors are by nature dangerous in a stable or float. Traditional glass mirrors are unsuitable in stables or floats. Both are high impact areas not to mention the flexible nature of a vehicle, we have a solution to keep your horse happy whilst travelling and in the stall. Aside from the obvious need to compensate for the flexing it is essential that the reflective surface be shatterproof and without the sharp edges common to glass mirrors. Occasionally a horse will lick or even bite at its Mirror and this needs to be accommodated in the mirror supplied. That means no sharp edges and containment of the risks attached even with acrylic. We do this by mounting on a soft plastic board and rounding off all corners and edges. This makes it nearly impossible for the horse to damage itself. In response to demand for larger Companion Mirrors, we have come up with some new sizes. In looking for naming inspiration, we came across this web site – Horse Words There seems to be little question of the value of Companion Mirrors these days. This UK website says it all – We just wish we could match their prices.

Acrylic Mirrors

Prices are a rough guide and may vary.
Grand Prix 2400 x 1200mm $1190.00
Mobster 1800 x 900m $665.00
Caballero 1200 x 800mm $430.00
Barnbuddy 900 x 800mm $320.00
Stablemate 600 x 600mm $175.00
Float Friend 400 x 400mm $100.00
Our unique backing system is UV Stable and non allergenic. Our Companion Mirrors come with easy to install concealed clip fastenings. Are guaranteed to be free of any hazardous materials and are designed to prevent any injury to your horse. Easily demounted they can be re-assigned to a new location at any time. 1 year limited warranty against any manufacturers defects.

Stainless Steel Mirrors

Tough Love 575 x 575mm $350.00
Hard Buddy 450 x 600mm $290.00
Prices listed include GST.  Delivery is extra. Please download a Companion Mirror Installation Guide – Companion Mirror Installation.doc
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