Lest we forget the Rider who also has to look their best particularly on competition days, we supply two mirrors designed to travel with you.

Slimmer in construction than the horse mirrors these are lightweight yet still robust enough for the rigours of competition and travel. With personal safety a priority these can be made from acrylic mirror and with appropriate care will give years of use.

Tiny Traveller

Available in any size you nominate with 40cm x 30cm being the standard. Measuring only 12mm thick it comes with a polished aluminium frame and poly-ethylene protective backing. Personal mirrors come pre-drilled with wall fixings but may be adapted to your particular needs.

Personal Dresser

Our Portable full-length dressing room size mirror is the same construction as the Tiny Traveller only larger with 150cm x 60cm being the standard size. Once again it can be accessorised to suit your particular fixing needs or come in a cheval tilting frame for your convenience.

Companion Mirrors

There is a mounting body of evidence that the installation of a mirror in the stall, or float can have a very positive effect on a horse or pony’s performance and well being. Also known as horse mirrors, stable mirrors, or stall mirrors these mirrors may help to alleviate issues and general stress. Naturally a herd animal, horses confined to a stable and isolated from others will suffer stress and boredom.

This can lead to abnormal behaviour such as a box walking, weaving, crib biting, wood chewing and the development of stable vices, or stereotypical behaviour as it is also known – Normal and Abnormal Behavior of Stabled Horses.

Putting a mirror where the horse or pony can easily see itself effectively creates a “companion” and makes the horse feel as if it has company, alleviating much of the stress and boredom which is the cause of such conditions.