Getting your horse used to your horse mirrors

Getting your horse used to working with your horse mirrors is fairly straightforward. Quite often it is the rider that is anxious about the new addition rather than the horse.

The trick is to treat the horse mirrors as if they had always been there. The biggest mistake most people make is to confront the horse with the mirror head on. Work at a distance from them at first, riding along side. Once your horse is relaxed, move closer until you can ride alongside them calmly.

If the horse wants to inspect the mirror then that’s fine too, just don’t force him to face it.

The sensible thing to do is to ride alongside the mirror with your horse slightly flexed away from it. He will learn to accept the other horse as friend not foe.

Remember if you are nervous or anxious then your horse will be too.

View this short youtube video to see how they react!

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