Q: How heavy are the acrylic mirrors?

A: We have two thicknesses of Acrylic mirror, depending on application and fixing needs. Both have Acrylic mirror bonded to non allergenic UV stable, machinable PVC. For a Grand Prix 2400mm x 1200mm the 13mm version weighs 27.6Kg while the 23mm version weighs 43.4Kg not including mounting hardware.

Q: Is there a guarantee on the Acrylic Mirrors?

A: Yes, they are guaranteed against manufacturers defects and are BCA and OH&S compliant.

Q: Are the Acrylic Mirrors weatherproof?

A: Yes, they are weatherproof and impact resistant.

Q: What is the safest way to handle mirrors?

A: Although our mirrors come as a final product knowing how to correctly handle Mirrors is an important skill to be aware of. Check out this short article on how to correctly handle mirrors and glass.