Why you need an Equestrian Mirror

Testimonials on SMA’s Equestrian mirrors.

Deon Stokes – Darling Downs WA

“I ride up to 8 or 9 horses everyday, give lessons and people are asking for them. I have to have mirrors.”

Maggie McDonell – Wollert VIC

“Would make a lovely Christmas present for our daughter.”

Miranda Collison – Windsor NSW

“For a slick and shiny finish to my riding, a slick shiny mirror is my desire!”

Michele Jorna – Grose Vale NSW

“I would like to win because the mirror is an excellent training tool and would help me greatly in my advancement to Gran Prix.”

Kim Peterson – NSW

“It would be awesome to have a mirror in my arena for the trick riders, dressage riders, cutters and beginners to visually improve their position.”

Kerry Crees – Armidale NSW

“It would help me to be able to access what is happening while I’m riding and allow my students to see what I’m trying to tell them.”

Larlie Williams – Armidale NSW

Your Mirror looks so good I thought I was looking through it and I don’t have a mirror at all.”

Lyn Sultana – New Gisborne VIC

“Just starting riding again after 4 years, and want to train hard and get back to where I was.”

Samantha Shoaib – Castle Hill – NSW

“I would love a mirror for my “imaginary – still to be built arena” so I don’t have to pay my instructor to watch me every time I ride.”

Anne Maree Lowrey – Cessnock NSW

“I need a mirror to improve myself enough to stop Heath yelling at me !!”